The Responsibility of Now

No matter what I do right now, I will be spending time doing it. I could be haplessly (helplessly) scrolling through social media feeds, watching television, reading, writing, eating, petting my cat, playing games with my kids, or lying diagonally across a queen size bed and feeling sorry for myself. Regardless of how I choose to do it, I will be using the single most valuable resource in the known universe, of which I happen to have (for all anyone knows) the exact same amount as any other given human being on this planet right now, which is very cool if you think about it.

Nothing but me can take this power away, and no matter how desperately the forces of darkness may war against my soul, I still have the choice of what to do in the midst of that struggle. Will I lay down and take it? Will I lift myself up to God and say, “FATHER, SERIOUSLY, HERE IS A PIECE OF MY SOUL THAT IS NOT DOING VERY WELL! SOME HELP, PLEASE?”

Only my own will can rob me of this power.

Only I can choose how to respond, how hard to fight, how long to hang on…

We all have this same ability, no matter what it may feel like. Feelings can be the biggest liars. Time and patience can change more than you may know. Emotions and instincts are there for us to direct and to use, and things become precariously and perpetually close to being potentially cataclysmic when these roles are reversed and the feelings climb into the driver’s seat.

Right now, I am going to use the time that I have to be productive and work on some things that need doing, because otherwise I’m going to just go with the flow of how I’m feeling, and that will probably just be nachos and YouTube. And, I mean…

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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