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Back to the subject of cold-press coffee. Its importance cannot be overstated, and my capabilities of using human language to describe its glory are altogether insufficient, but I must press on, nonetheless. I am sorry. God, I am so sorry for that pun. Jesus wept. At any rate, though, what you basically do is you steep ground coffee in cold water for 24 hours. You can use all kinds of different things as a filter. It doesn’t matter so much what you use. The only thing that really matters is if it works. You steep the coffee just like you would steep tea, though, but in cold water..and for a really long time. You can put it in the fridge while you do it, if you want to. That part is up to you. You do need to refrigerate it after it’s made, though, in order to preserve the delicate balance of whatever it is that makes the universe work properly when you drink it. I almost feel really strongly like I should actually just use it intravenously, but I also feel — with an equal amount of strength — that this would be a bad idea, too, and the two feelings cancel each other out, so I just keep drinking it like a regular person, with my mouth.

That said, though, here are also some thoughts on healing from codependent toxicity:

It feels like it’s going to be forever, but it’s not.

This too shall pass.

Take advantage of each moment of pain. Turn them over in your mind, like a stone with patterns deserving utmost fascination. Drink in the pain, but believe in yourself. With each blood-curdling scream, you grow stronger.

This is your path.

You are not forgotten.

Everything about you matters.

Do not listen to the familiar self-deprecation that drones on like a broken record; those words, that sentiment…they originate in the enemy of your soul. Cleave to your Advocate. Ignore the enemy.

Create something. Anything. Use what you have, and begin from there, and stop caring about how insignificant it may seem. The perception of insignificance is an illness. Everything matters. Everything happens for a reason. Agree with the reason (not with the argument) and keep moving forward.

Also, if you take a Klondike and put it on a plate with a piece of angel food cake, and then you use a fork and take a bit of the Klondike and a bit of the cake, and eat them at the same time, it goes really well with the cold-press coffee.

These are the kinds of things.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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