Echoes and Crystallization


This is to all my fellow humans who have been addicts:

Everything we think and do echoes through time and space. It all keeps going, keeps traveling, reverberating through and passing over. It loops and repeats, moving ever onward throughout all eternity.

As addicts, over time our thought patterns have become uncontrollably negative. We need to deliberately re-direct them. If we don’t, then they will just keep on happening in the direction that they are used to going. We have put a great deal of effort into establishing these current patterns that dominate our minds, and we need to put equal and opposite effort into establishing new ones in order to realize our goals of newness and life.

We need to be able to give ourselves permission to think new thoughts. We feel that we are not allowed to hope, that we are somehow restrained from anticipating that good will emerge. These preconceptions are all a part of the curse, and if you have been made new then they are a part of the lie that holds you back from entering into the newness that belongs to you.

Give yourself permission to break from old ways of thinking. Allow yourself to anticipate peace, freedom, joy…

These things take time to crystallize, but when we align ourselves with truth, we cannot help but reap a harvest of goodness. Be patient. Accept the process.

And, if you can bring yourself to do so, embrace it.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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