Against the Overlie

People are freaking out about a world that’s burning down, and I’m just sitting here like living water, just pouring out over my everything. Mercy won’t quit. I started a retrofit by pushing back against the overlie, and now I can’t stop falling in love with this all-vanquishing beauty that gushes out of the universe like perfect reason tendered with all this peace everywhere. It’s crazy. Let’s reason together. I didn’t feel your love because the cold was eating through, and it lasted way too long. You tried to kill me gently, softly, and, really, who could blame you, but it doesn’t even matter now ’cause love is just too strong. I’ve got to get this out my mind, this off my chest, your best was all I’d ever even seen. I mean, there’s just no way. I’m clean. You know what I mean. Nothing really matters when your only care is freedom, seen this show too many times before to know there’s hope in dying when the world is burning down. I don’t care what matters, though, and all I see is living water dancing in the sonlight as I lean forth on tippytoes with arms outstretched (despite the rest) to move against the overlie. Agape love of mine can’t die. It doesn’t matter how or why.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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