Back on Track




There are a lot of details when it comes to life. Some of them are big, like who you decide to spend your time with, and how you choose to make a living. Some of them are much less important, like what kind of toppings to put on a pizza. The fact is, though, that literally none of these details really matter very much at all in comparison to life itself. What is life without these details, you may ask? Life is so many things. It is what rises up within you as you move through space and time from one place to the next. It is the direction and purpose of your energy. It can be love, or it can be hate, and it can be either comedy, madness, or both.

Life is what really matters, though. Brushing aside all else, it is most important to choose life instead of death. Both are an option. Both options are very, very available in each and every decision we make, even the ones that grow to seem automatic over time. The way these automatic choices are experienced can be altered through the deliberate, conscious yielding of the self over to God (who, regardless of cultural context or personal frame of reference, is Love — the universal language of all humanity.)

I notice that a lot of my time is spent fretting over details, and that is something about myself that I would like to change. I know I can change it, and I know that it has been changing as I put forth effort, but, conversely, there is also a letting go that is required. I both use energy, and cease from my labor, all at once, and what happens in response is just as perfect and beautiful as it would be impossible for me to do on my own.

All in all, it is unspeakably wonderful to be done with my wandering and to have finally gotten back on track.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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