Know You Can



The hallmark of the authentic spiritual experience is the overcoming spirit coupled with absolutely selfless love. There is a brand of spirituality in the world today which puts ego and self on the throne, which worships stoic resolve and resignation to defeat as the pinnacle of all inner mastery. There is nothing more poisonous. Don’t sell yourself short, guys.

Every once in a while, you get all the lights red. You can be who you are in spite of this, or because of it, but know that you can.

You are absolutely precious, you are unimaginably powerful, and the way to genuinely realize this worth and to unleash this power is to pour yourself out in the service of others. God did this, and then they killed him (he continues to do it, and we continue to kill him) but don’t try to understand it. It will break your mind. This may not be a popular idea here — this is America, and we are hungry for the religion of money and guns — but it is the most potent form of truth that exists. Do it and you will become rich with the only kind of wealth that really matters (you can’t spend it here, but you can take it with you.)

You may go down in flames in this world, but nothing can conquer the human spirit without your permission. Give love the permission it needs to be poured out through your life, and as you burn bright and long, know that you have been chosen wisely.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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