Unquenchable Hope

Whoever you have become as a result of what has happened to you, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you are no one. Maybe you are nothing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what is happening with you right now, and what matters is who you will become as a result.

You may feel powerless, but that doesn’t matter either.

Your pain has a meaning. Your struggle has a purpose. It all may seem to you now like a horrible nightmare, it’s true; but the worst nightmare in the universe is powerless against the dawning of a new day.

However much the pain overpowers you, know that it is only painful because of how much you matter. Your life exists to bring something wonderful into the world, and these obstacles exist to stop that from happening. Because of this, you must exist over top of the obstructions. Your life must flow through and around these barricades, and you must keep going. When the time comes, you will see that it has been worth it.

I don’t have all the answers, but of this much I am certain: you are here for a reason. Your potential is huge. You don’t even know. You can’t even know yet, but you will as you move forward.

When the big, cold empty rises up and when all of your darkness is only too real, look just a little bit farther, all the way to what is completely beyond. It is good. It is very good, and it is worth every bit of the fight that is happening.

Be yourself. Your self is awesome.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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