Code Name: Faulkner

I think it’s important for modern readers to remember and pay particularly close attention to the bits about things like “covered by blood” and whatnot — not because they have any semblance of an actual cultural point of reference for them, or can possibly relate to them in any sort of real, experiential way — but precisely because they (we) cannot, and this keeps them (us) also remembering that there are facets of the things of God regarding which we [by virtue of our culture of origin being what it now is] are so absolutely out of touch that staying humble and teachable is an absolute must for someone interested in choosing this life again and again, new each moment, which is the way it really has to be chosen, due to the unrealistically foolish number of times a day we are, for some reason, confronted with the necessity of choosing it over some type of offense (pain, outrage, or difficulty threatening to eclipse our God-consciousness, in experiential practice) which might cross our path.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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