Trust Without Reservation


“Refuse to submit to the fear today. Even right now, right here, in this exact time and place, look it directly in the eyes and discover what it is, and then begin to move away.”

(I am talking to myself here, and you guys can listen, that’s totally cool, but just know that I am talking to myself in real life.)

“As you move away from the fear, begin to look at it from the wider angle of the perspective that you are gaining from this movement, and begin to really see where it has destroyed things in your life. Relationships, personal goals, endeavors of every kind, from childhood until now…so much potential good has fallen victim to this saboteur. It is not your friend.”

“And yet, the illusion is that this fear keeps you safe. The delusion of security is what kept you going back to it over and over again, all those years, even while you watched the destruction taking place around you. You were blind to it then, but now, as you stand in this place, having removed yourself from that place of anxiety and desperation, can you see how your constant striving and straining to remain oblivious to the truth caused pain that resulted in death all around you? Do not be ashamed. You are a human being, and you were victimized, and then you reacted in the only way you were capable, and that is not who you are now. You are no longer weak and desperate, no longer afraid. Categorically reject all doubt and mistrust of who you really are, even now as the thoughts filter in through the front door, gently excuse them and open the back door and let the float right on through and away.”

“You are home now, in the safety of who you really are, and of how much your value really is, and you are well able to handle each and every challenge that rises up today. You are equipped with all the power and peace of what actual love is, and as it flows into you through these realizations, allow it to flow out and into the world around you. Be kind to everyone you meet. Help anyone who needs help, and don’t worry about it. When frustration comes, do not be afraid of it. Let it happen. As it happens, identify what is going on. Where is there fear still present? What is it based on, and what lie am I still believing about myself that it still has the power to enter into my mind and affect my thought process?”

“In the place of apprehension, let peace well up. Let it be, you don’t have to find it; it is already there. It is who you are.”

“In the place of fear, allow laughter to spring forth. In the place of worry, let contentment with what is be the rule. Choose to trust. Make trust your new home.”

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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