The Fear Is a Lie

There calls to each of us a siren of pain that says “Don’t bother with your struggle. It isn’t going to work anyway. Let go and be free.” It is a distortion of reality, based on fear, rooted and grounded in the lie of futility.

The illusion is that nothing matters in this world. We look at decay, and at illness, and at everything that has ever gone wrong in our own lives, and we believe that it is all a testament to the meaninglessness of humanity. This is totally understandable, but it is not accurate. Our gaze is fixed on the debris and mud littering the ground when just overhead there is a Hand reaching down, offering everything we were intended for.

It doesn’t look like what we’re used to, though, and it appears to contradict what we think we know. Don’t be fooled by the pain or the pleasure of what seems to be real. Reach beyond, reach forward, and take a stance of unquenchable hope. Respond to fear with courage, and know that every single little way in which you do will count in the end.

Friends, it is worth the struggle.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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