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On Laughing in the Face of a Demon

Invariably there will come a test, and it will happen at precisely the right time. You cannot give it an inch. You need to realize who you are. The most heavily dispersified maglimoniousness of all encumbrance will come slamming up against your consciousness with the very faces of a thousand demons careening headlong into your firm yet supple resolve, and you will find out what is really going on. It has been the same since the beginning of time, but you are different.

You have to choose now.

The power of that white hot rage that you always think will teach everyone a lesson they will never forget, but which always somehow just ends up getting internalized and then unleashed upon your own damn self as you shoot glass after glass of overproof rum and wax marvelous until everything is lit up just right in your own little world of death and shame. The world sings until it all goes dark. It always ends up the same.

It smiles at you now, and pitches you a few thoughts based on a brand new marketing strategy, as though you were stupid enough to believe that you could do the same thing over again and expect different results.

You pause a moment and come to the realization that it can’t really be blamed for trying. It has always worked on you before.

It won’t anymore.

This is a decision that you never knew how to make until now. Just say no to the drug of lies that offers to seduce and sedate the part of you that would normally care…

Refuse to go numb.

Confront the lies. Reject them.

Face the pain.

Accept reality.

Let love in.

Move forward. Shake off the dust. Let the tears fall where they may, and let the scabs form. The wounds will heal. The scars will remain, but you are being built up. This is how life works. Create or destroy.

Weigh the evidence and bite down hard on the facts as you develop a tolerance for exercising this newfound power to choose. It may come as a shock to begin with, but be assured that it shall lead to a fresh new life of enthusiasm. The high is smoother, lasts longer, and is far more conducive to the life that you deserve.

Best Wishes,

The King’s Pastry Boy