On Never Underestimating the Power of the Human Mind to Melt into a Puddle of Butter at Just Precisely the Wrong Moment

It’s been almost four years since I stopped being stupid with my life. This blog is going to be the story of this whole thing to do with stupidness, and all the details surrounding it, if that can be said to make sense. I will record the length and the breadth of this stupidness in as much of its entirety as I am able to. I will do this even if I am only able to do so at a rate of one paragraph a week. Even if I am experiencing a productivity ceiling as low as a single sentence at a time, I will continue to post. A post consisting of a single word is going to really be pushing it, but I don’t want to place limits on myself, even though something like posting a single letter at a time would have to be significantly less tolerated, and possibly met with self-face-punchingness. Today is beginning to look like a one paragraph day, though.  I am sorry for this.