On the Forms of Water, and All of Our Lies

There are things we learn at a younger age, and which we carry into the journey of life with us, and some of these things are lies.

Only just today I learned that the word chic is actually the word I’ve occasionally, over the course of my forty-two entire trips around the Sun, heard people pronounce as sheik (as in sheek, like an Arabian king) in a fashion context, and that it’s not pronounced chick. I’d thought there was this other, different (but also fashion-related) word that was spelled that way but pronounced chick. This goes onto the list of things that I had thought I learned young, that I have actually been wrong about, this entire time (such as the idea that there are only three states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas). This latter ‘fact’ I learned to be wrong only several days ago, when I finally realized that the substance which we’ve all been calling “slush” is none of these three things. Slush exists with physical properties that transcend the normal laws of our universe. This is because slush is demonic.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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