Not Even Fear Itself

Why just live in defiance of fear, when you can actually receive the power to defeat fear itself? It’s been given to us freely. All we need to do is receive it. I’ve lived so much of my life wrestling with this simple truth for some reason. Fear sometimes dies a slow and agonizing death, and tries to drag you down with it. Don’t let it do that. Reach out and latch on to the only source of real power in this universe — the source of life itself.

No one can figure out what it is because it’s just too obvious. We all know. Deep inside, we know. You have to stop figuring. You have to stop trying to do it yourself. Fight the ocean and you will drown. Let go and rise up into the tides of what now is breaking forth upon the face of the Earth. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of pizza you like.

You are loved, and you are invited.

There is no exclusivity here. This is the most inclusive thing in the universe. You don’t have to be anything to join up. In fact, there’s really nothing to join, because it’s all of us here, and we’re just hanging out.

The price you must pay is relentless acceptance, which must come beforehand, and also throughout; an unyielding embrace of the absolute truth of the fact that you are not your own. You have been purchased with pain unspeakable, and redeemed for a life of joy unmatched. You are a treasure. You are more valuable than you have the ability to comprehend right now, and only through trust can this value be seen.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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