Love Is


Love is a perfect act of rebellion against a broken world. When we choose to love despite the most difficult circumstances, we are laughing in face of everything that has ever been wrong. It is through this laughter that we possess eternal life here and now. The manifestation of this life becomes evident through time and practice.

Love is chosen through combat with the illusion of self interest. Love is a choice that resounds forever. These victories will never pass away.

Love is a middle finger at the spirit of this modern age. Despite being deafened by the inner roar of insatiable desire, I will choose love, and in so doing I will refuse to cooperate with all that wars against my soul. This menagerie of lies, tightly winding its tentacles about my hopes and dreams…this body is being defeated once and for all, and this is happening more and more each and every time I choose this Way of life.

Love is what happens when I refuse to agree with what seems to be me at first glance. I look deeper. I seek truth, and in this I find that redemption is the actual fact of the matter. Qualifications notwithstanding; unbeknownst even to myself, I will rise victorious from the ashes of my finest attempts.

Love is the greatest in the trinity of evidences we are given of the real situation, and it is only through the defiance of what seems natural that we are able to realize these promises.


By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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