Don’t Be a Butt!

Good people: I am writing on behalf of your actual humanness to urge you to beware of the deadly, disastrous Fine Then.

Fine Then is an insidious phenomenon which masquerades as an outcropping of a healthy degree of self respect. Do not buy it. That is not what it actually is. In real life, Fine Then has absolutely nothing to do with a rightly sought-after level of assertiveness. In actual fact, it has everything to do with an altogether toxic level of pride and/or bitterness. Also, if you are usually a pretty cool cat, then it is more than likely the result, too, of resentment, which is kind of just bitterness that you go back to over and over again, like a drug.

A sort of makeshift etymology that I learned in a class somewhere one time basically breaks the word “resentment” down to “re (again) sentiment (feeling)” meaning to feel something again and again, which, I mean, if that’s not technically correct, it’s still pregnant with some pretty cool strains of meaningful insight, I would say.

Fine Then is what happens when you get tired of exercising forgiveness, and you decide instead to go with the flow of natural human refusal. Fine Then is completely poisonous, and it will end up killing you. It is the basic reason why there is cancer, probably (maybe). Anyways, I just wanted you guys all to know. Don’t fall for it. Don’t get sucked in. It gets really tempting after a while, if you’ve been getting hurt over and over again, and you just don’t want to take it anymore (queue that one song) but the price isn’t communicated up front. It’s not just a satisfying little doop-de-do you’re getting into there with that stuff. No, Fine Then will take you farther than you wanted to go, it will cost you more than you wanted to pay, it will keep you longer than you wanted to stay…I’m tellin’ ya. Please believe me. I stand here before you as a recovering shambles of a wretched catastrophe byproduct of Fine Then, so I really do know.

By Ben Wolf

It's a secret!

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