No Interest

I am having no interest in the citizens of darkness, who weave their spells around my mind. All of these shiny, useless things are distractions they try to sell me, and they have hooks in them, every single one. I’ve been ripped and torn for too long by these things, but protected, it seems, from the intended destruction. I’m leveling up in real life now, to the point where there’s just no more peace for me there.

Investments are now being made in the fabric of reality itself, no longer in these illusory outcroppings and manipulative projections. Everything that is done happens now towards the purpose of life. Appetite is measured. Breathing is deep and full. Genuine traction can happen now, and the days of slipping and sliding are done.

This is not to say that I am perfect. Of course I am not. But I am actually moving in the right direction, and not just wishing and hoping to do so.

New desires are crystallizing now. Old ones have lived out their lifespan. They whither and die like their nature dictates they must. Lust is a lie, was always a lie. Love is the true form of what is inside.